Blogumne – 00011 … of the year 2005

i know. this list should have been published yesterday, or even a few weeks ago, as this impressive collection of end-of-the-year-lists suggests. it seems to me that these lists appear earlier and earlier each year, just like christmas decorations, and, really, lets hope this trend won’t accelerate. so this is why i decided to publish mine late. gah.

i actually started to write the list a few weeks ago and was optimistic i would come up with a few witty and/or clever things in that way. but lets be honest, this is a very weak list. okay, it did not help that over the last ten days i played WoW almost straight through. still the fact remains, for some reason i can’t remember a thing about 2005. what, that tsunami was already a year ago? a few natural and human disasters later i shake my head in disbelief. like, what just happened here? so for me personally i declare 2005:

the year i zonked my short term memory

for the world at large i would call it:

the year that hope (sort of) came back

for awhile there in 2004 things really looked gloomy, i really thought we were totally doomed, irrevocable. yet for some strange reason in 2005 things looked kind of up, even if ever so slightly. i mean despite (or maybe because of?) the tremendous tragedies, the terrorist bombs, earthquakes and storms, at least people finally seemed to realise what huge, self-serving assholes the bushs, blairs and bernusconis really are. we might even see an impeachment this year… w00t!

now, without further ado (… stands for “of the year 2005”. yeah i know, lazy) the list:

religion …: flying spaghetti monster aka pastafarianism, hilarious, they even published the gospel of the flying spaghetti monster.

pope …: karol, cause ratz is politically just as awful, but without the charisma and the parkison’s.

goatse …: obelix, i know, this just appeared on boingboing a few days ago. but better late than never for a goatse of the year.

bunny …: the giant one on the mountain top, even though it is pink and looks like it was made from fleece or some equally horrible fabric like frottee (how the hell do they call this in english?)…

mediahack …:
juanzo, hands down, even if, and despite suffering from “wolf’s syndrome”, he did not win the baby of the year contest.

animation …: the gay adventures of burnt face man by david frith, had a brief yet excellent run. R.I.P.

most embarassing movie i really enjoyed …: i’robot. i mean those robots are simply too cute.

bedroom movie …: french democracy tells the story of the riots in the french banlieus as seen by one kid who actually lives there. it was made with the video game the movies (= another reason why one should switch to PC) by user koulamata. and quite generally bedroom movies have been an exiting thing to watch.

video game …: lumines (on psp) – while we wait for katamari damacy. i think these types of puzzle games will work on the psp. GTA? nah!

dj mix …:
osymyso brings you – the art of flipping channels, enough said…

linkdump …: or: 4rthur grew up.

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