nice PR action by bent to promote their second album, the everlasting blink.
during a whole week they set up the “bent clinic for the tediously sane” in london’s old street. here the two musicians lured in passers-by of the street to a lovingly recreated hospital waiting room, then down to a “surgery”, where they were reclined and played tracks from their latest album.
i like !!!
i read this in mixmag, which, of course, i bought because it said “769 clubbers talk sex” and “special rude issue” on the cover … [okay okay, so i was bored on a useless trainride, sue me!]
i also read in mixmag, that scooter toured to iraq to entertain the troops. now, we always knew that scooter is utter complete shite, but the thought of british soldiers humming “hypah hypah” to themselves, with a mock german accent, mind you! while going out for a kill, is especially scary.
however, i could not confirm this information in google.

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