Wooster Comix #1 – Now Available!

Wooster Comix #1 – Now Available! – the teaser images they posted look bloody amazing here and here.

the comic features “35 artists from around the world.
They include: Dr. D, Goin, Lobster Roll, Travis Millard, Adam Neate, Bob Krobbauer, Allison Cole, Vinnie Ray, Mel Kadel, Jon Burgerman, Isoe, Justin Kees, Lennard, The Killer Gerbil, MCA, Diego Bergia, Cody Hudson, 0190ren, Matthew Rodriguez, Urban Medium, Pash, Zonenkinder, Ryan Browne, TVboy, Tofer, Rekal, Judith Supine, Numskull, Rafael Badilla, Tihm, Pure Evil, Anthony Lister, Drawwer, Caliper Boy, Eric Orr, Mike Clark”, none of which mean much to me at the moment, but i am sure, knowing woostercollective, are all emerging names in the streetart scene.

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