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[stuffs what gots stuck in my browser this last week]
[200601? i knowwww]

:flash: radiohead remixed: me & this armydj pz has released a whole album of radiohead remixes. not everything works, but some of the beats really rawk.

:flash: coldplay is shit | and even more shit – uping the drm restrictions to actually cripple a CD that is non-refundable.

:flash: netlabalism – coupla belgian guys trying to create a central hub for netlabels.

:flash: Blogger Threatened to be Sued by Sozialgericht Bremen for Appearing in Google – a german blogger wrote a critical article that appears in the top 10 on google and for that he gets cease and desisted. [via digg]

:flash: retrivr – search by sketching, i love it [via waxy]

:flash: flickrfling – the “test it now” link crashed my browser, but sounds nice. “by pointing the application to a news feed, you receive the last news in real time – rendered in pictures.” [via we-make-money-not-art]

:flash: sudoku solver freeware software – ahhhh, long awaited.

:flash: MapMe for skype – adds the mapping feature to skype, yeah the one that gizmo comes with outta the box… [via digg]

:flash: AllPeers FF extension – the FF extension that could give IE the long awaited deathblow. integrates P2P into your browser.

:flash: PSP and game SXX used to create a wintery ambient sound tool – memeree has made her new years resolutions true and blogs about her innovative ways to use the PSP.

:flash: CC supported – thank you – w00t, they made it.

more 2005 lists, anyone?

:flash: fark: pick the best photoshop images 2005 – some quite funny photoshopperage. [via digg]

:flash: best mashups 2005 – with working! download links.

:flash: top 50 videos of 2005 – with mostly working links as well.

and now, go to hell 2005. you sucked.

and now for some shifty humor:

:flash: monkey jockeys – yup, not only kids and robots make “nice” and appropriate jockeys, monkeys do as well. plus it rhymes. [via 4rthur]

:flash: howto create a podcast on osX – explained by french maids in garter belts… [via al4ie]

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