google earth says hopp yb

google earth says hopp yb
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google earth says hopp yb. the only problem is their new stadium is not there yet… 46°57’48.13″N 7°27’53.61″E .kmz

finally google earth is available for mac os [via habi]. so i downloaded it, yelled weeeeee! when it started up [but why does it show the USA when starting up? oh thats why…] and proceeded to do some of the more obvious things with it, like finding my house, the place i went to school at and the stadium of my football club… but w00t?
its not there yet. all it shows is the construction site. he he. the wankdorf ground opened 2005 last summer. it says image © 2005, but i have a hard time believing that anytime in 2005 the construction was that far back.

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