swiss government wants to ban pitbulls

pitbull puppies

it is all over the swiss media this weekend, the swiss government recommends a ban on pitbulls in switzerland.

say what?

after the tragic death of a 6 year old boy last november, bitten to death by a pack of pittbulls, swiss newspaper blick has collected almost 200’000 signatures in a petition to get pitbulls banned.
is the swiss government now fully at the mercy of such weird populist media campaigning?

now, i don’t like pitpulls either, they are ugly and way too aggressive for my taste, and some of them are very dangerous. but the key expression here is “some of them”; not all of them are. it just so depends. to ban them as a whole is based on a generalisation and as with all generalisations they simply do not work.
just think, do we outlaw cars because some of them kill children in tragic traffic accidents? or maybe let us try to translate this to humans, do we ban the internet because some people use it to distribute and download kiddie porn? or do we jail all africans living here in switzerland because some of them deal drugs? etc. etc.

and then one question remains to be answered: what are we gonna do with the pitbulls that already are living here in switzerland?
send them back to pitbullia? gas them? genetically engineer them to become wieners? edit: just thought of another one: food process them and serve them as hot dogs? [which of course reminds me of this video, hot dog tea anyone?]

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