MacBook: some questions

ok. i’ll admit it. of course my fingers are itching to get the new PowerBook, errr MacBook.
but i was never as determined as this time to wait it out.
and that is one hell of an acomplishment for me, who got both the G3 and G4 powerbooks in their very first generations – and even got lucky with both of them with never a problem. but hey.

first and foremost and as mentioned here before, something else may well be in the pipelines.
the tablet mac?

second, i have a few questions:

no more modem? on a laptop? why in the world? a laptop is to take along to places where there might or might not be any wifi, ethernet, cable etc. for instance when i go on vacation i usually stay at a house in the mountains where there is only a phoneline, hence i need a modem.

what about the trusting computing thingie? cory doctorow among others were freaked out to hear about apple’s move to intel, because it is known that intel is working on integrating trusted computing into their processors, if i remember this correctly, oh lord. is there any news on this out yet? everybody seems to avoid the topic.

edit: oh oh, i just found this article [in german] Apples Core-Duo-iMacs mit Trusted Platform Modules. it seems that the trusted computing modules are in fact in there and i agree with the authors that it is a bit strange that apple does not at least inform openly on this highly controversial issue.
time to switch to linux, i guess. whats a good pc laptop again? dell? if they weren’t so damn fugly….

all new software? again? i know that there is an integrated software that does the translating to intel, but even jobs admited, not good enough for professionals. so i’d have to get all new software for a MacBook. how very silly. that factor was traumatic during the switch from os 9 to os x, and i am simply not willing to go through this again, especially with my audio set-up.

this interview with steve jobs does not answer any of these questions. but this part was interesting i think, steve soon to blog?

Your new iLife software has a blogging application. When will you start your own blog?
(Laughs.) After I get a few days of rest.

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