nodemo in bern – anti-WEF protest 21.1.

stop WEF

last years anti-WEF protests in bern stands out in my memory as THE coolest demonstration i attended in the last – oh – at least 10 years.
i have to admit it, political protesting has become quite boring [even politics in general?] and i have mostly attended demos out of guilt or some equally weak motivation. [with the exception of the “true” causes like the war in iraq protests]

at heart i am still a political person, but my focus has somehow shifted. those marches, while they represent a long and worthy tradition, they are simply not fun. and i am well aware of what an awful phrase that is; why should political protesting be fun?

well, thing is, it can be.

everyone shuffling through the streets with a more rightous than thou attitude, at best, most of them actually looking bored and stiff, come on please… i guess i am just sick of posing. the one thing that still draws me is streetfights with cops and vandalism. now that was fantastic and somehow “fun” in the old days. and it still holds much appeal to me. but i won’t do it, of course, because i realise that it is more destructive than constructive. and while it is an albeit short-lived satisfaction for the activists, i do believe, that it damages the “movement” more than it helps it.

so back to anti-WEF a year ago. that was fun! amazing. wild. exiting. [some photos here]

the city goverment of bern had ruled against a big march to be held in bern and only given permissions to dance out WEF with a route leading through the outskirts of the city. in the city center no large protests were to be tolerated. so what people did is they formed small action groups giving small performances all around town. you had people dressed up as military romping through the streets, fat capitalists handing out flyers, people dancing, playing music. spassguerilla. everywhere you turned someone was doing some form of creative protesting, and most of it in good spirit. some people did try to form larger protest groups, but these efforts were all squashed by the 1000+ cops present in bern that day. the small groups were tolerated, not to be controlled.

so with the WEF to be held in davos soon, 25. – 29. 1., and as usual no links to their website from me, and even miss piggy f[m]erkel attending, protests are again to be held in bern, as well as in chur, luzern, st.gallen, lugano, burgdorf and thun. it is called “dezentraler aktionstag”. this coming saturday 21.1.2006.

and in bern it will again be a decentralised day of actions. come creative!

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