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[stuffs what gots stuck in my browser this last week]

:flash: mensa intelligence test – i wish this test existed in german. according to mensa, if you get 19 + of these right you are a genius. only 2 OF THEIR M achieved full marks. yeah, clever huh, 2 of their members.

:flash: Gottes Wort als iPod – [in german] the bible on a – i believe by iPod they mean – mp3 player, will hit the markets this coming february. [via fscklog]

:flash: Google said no; Yahoo, AOL, MSN yes. – thank god i google. yet. google still knows more about me than my mum does, as Mushon Zer-Aviv expressed it.

:flash: DJmax emotional sense portable – is a south korean DJ game for the PSP, that looks amazing, even if i don’t understand a word on their webpage.

:flash: playshpaula le dieu is right, this would make my brain hurt – could i afford to drive to etech.

:flash: howto use rss on a wordpress site to act almost as an aggregator – simple. i use the same plugin to display the latest headlines of my category “podcast” on my mixes page. he uses it to display the latest headlines from spyme, which, if i understand it right, is the southeast asian version of digg.

:flash: apple iTunes podcast specs – gawd i should so fix my RSS feed to work with iTunes… how could this have slipped my mind?

:flash: the song tapper – find songs by tapping them on your keyboard. works perfect, i tapped, “its only rock’n’roll, but i liked it liked it yes is do” and got a list including among others Mann Gegen Mann – Rammstein, Wicked Game – Chris Isaak, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic – The Police.

:flash: Toshio Iwai (TENORI-ON) @ Artfutura05 – video of toshio iwai presenting his visual sequencer tenori-on. i still want one. [via engadgeted]

:flash: wankr beta | web 3.0 – the cycle accelerates, the gap between hyping and dissing new trends is getting shorter and shorter. funny | smart nevertheless. [via endgadgeted]

:flash: anonoymity on a disc – wired story on a liveCD that will allow users to browse the web anonymously, combining tor with linux.

:flash: bugmenot FF pluginbugmenot via control click context menu = the FireFox extension of the week. “Bypass compulsory web registration via Firefox’s right-click context menu. Compatibile with Mozilla and current Firefox releases.”

:flash: tom judd’s everyday – “365 PAGES AGO I HAD A VERY SILLY IDEA. Draw a page everyday for one year. Each day I spent around 1 hour on the page, sometimes more, sometimes less.” [via al4ie]


:flash: online demonstrieren – for those out there who don’t feel like attending nodemo in bern today, RHO has put together a few great online protesting games.

:flash: – wow, chregu gibt vollgas. sein swiss blog aggregator planet switzerland beta 2.0 wird jedesmal geiler. aber ist auch saugut, hmmm die qual der wahl. jeder schweizer blogger der dies liest und es noch nicht tut, gehört gepingt.

:flash: ist die blog-zukunft weiblich? – ist sie es? wenn man unser letztes blogger-treffen in bern als gradmesser nimmt, leider nein. aber es sollte unbedingt so sein.

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