madonnina 2 : how it was

18:30 in order to secure a seat we already climb up to the blue sector. *gulp* our seats are supposed to be right *smack* in the middle of the fossa dai leoni – the lions pit, where all the hardcore ac milan fans have already set up camp hours ago; and those lions shure muster a mighty roar. the game starts in 2 hours, yet the boys (inter-fans) and the lions (ac milan) are already screaming insult at eachother from one end to of the pitch to the other. this goes on and on… since inter is the home team all the milan fans are crammed into this one sector. we find seats somwhere to the right … only later do we notice, that here we are closer to the right-wing fans, the left-wing alternativa rossonera occupy the opposite end of the sector.

20:25 just before the game the inter-supporters unroll a huge banner sporting the drawing of a huge dick (at least 30 meters! tall). we love this, because this is 100% the opposite of sophisticated.
we were a bit puzzeled however, i mean, what was the meaning of this?
what were they saying to the milan supporters: ‘our dicks are bigger than yours’ or ‘you are dicks’ ???
20:30 the game starts. we witness a tough game. very physical. not very beautiful to look at.
but, oh what an atmosphere, man
20:43 f. swears, she saw someone on the inter side holding up a banner that reads ‘nerds!’. i don’t see it, so i cannot confirm this.
but huh? what does that mean now? another inside joke?
21.35 at last things concerning the huge dick get cleared up a bit, when the game restarts after the break. the huge dick itself is nowhere to be seen, instead the boys now show a huge banner, on which a dog, wearing inter colors, fucks a lion in milan’s colors from behind. so that’s where that dick was supposed to be going …
quite graphic and oh so endearing!
21.50 superpippo inzaghi scores the only goal of the partita. gaetano, our usually quite friendly tourguide, gets so enthusiastic in his goal celebration, that his somewhat nerdy son (—> nerds! ???) loses both his glasses and his milan cap. the son (11) gets a bit flustered as he is scrambeling around looking for these items, while his dad is still jumping around screaming in his adrenalin rush.
that’ll be food for countless therapy sessions in the future … uhhhh
22:25 the game is over. milan won. milan ac played that tiny bit better, which justifies their win. it’s not a great game, but it was fantastic anyway.
three down. after barca-real, chelsea-arsenal and inter-ac milan i have only 2 more must-see-once-in-your-lifetimes-games-if-you-are-
a-self-respecting-football-fan to go to! marseille-psg and celtic-rangers.

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