should we sue the IFPI

last sunday there was an article about the upcoming crackdown on illegal downloaders in switzerland announced by the IFPI (their’s has got to be teh ugliest webiste evar).
total random, it could hit anyone really as they are only interested to set some exemplary cases. sucks.

anyway, the thing i got stuck with is the fact, that in order to catch people in P2P networks, they have to participate in them. they, or the company who does the dirty work for them (probably logistep), have to download songs via P2P networks to see who else is doing it.

well, couldn’t we accuse them of illegally downloading music then??? hah… i knowwww. naive. lawyers?

meanwhile i still wait for the flatfee model. i would totally pay some monthly flatfee to download the music i really want, not just some pop junk, DRM free, high-quality mp3.

related news: MPAA finds itself accused of piracy

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