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[stuffs what gots stuck in my browser tabs this last week]

:flash: Sex before stressful events keeps you calm | Sex cuts public speaking stress – hate to say i told you so.

yet i do wonder, if talking about sex works the same way …

:flash: fuckcast – the podcast the world could have waited for – i really hope nobody gets the idea to count how many times the f-word is mentioned in this podcast. oh hell, somebody already made a transcript. and be warned “There is no surprise at the end“. funny [via sis]

:flash: as impatient as i am impatient to listen to the coldcut album? – it will get released tomorrow.

:flash: google in china – earlier this week google has agreed to filter search results in china, and they finally explain why. [via digg]

:flash: Google Removes Its Help Entry on Censorship – err, why? [via waxy]

:flash: google by date – it is confirmed, my birthday is one of teh most boring days in history evar.

:flash: schools in west virginia will use game “dance dance revolution” to fight obesity – and who said playing video games makes you fat?

maybe not fat, but homophobic?

:flash: WoW: don’t mention you’re queer – users have been cited by blizzard for using GLBT in their guild descriptions. how could mentioning you are a gay-friendly guild be considered “sexual harassment”? [via bb]

and now back to food …

:flash: still hungry? – for WoW and real mexican food yes, for taco bell nope.

:flash: the second live of LL [larry lessig] cool CC – for those of us who slept through the real thing, when lawrence lessig had his book signing in second life.

:flash: toothbruch piercing – finally tongue piercings make sense. well okay, i could think of one or maybe two other functional reasons. [via we-make-money-not-art]

:flash: li’l depressed boy – another brilliant webcomic [via raymie]

:flash: fastr – multi-user filckr tag guessing game. simply fantastic.

:flash: knife throw ability game – fun stuff, the problem is you must hit her at least once to hear her scream [via 4rthur, w00t its back!]

:flash: a big list of free music software – even though this is a perfect example of how not to use google ads, somewhere in the middle of all the advertisment for paid music software, there’s the list of the free stuff. [thanx sis]

:flash: devo2.0 – wait. after the missnomer web2.0 we’re now going through anything2.0. cool band tho, as this fellah agrees.

:flash: M5 – weird week at, after disney i feature coca cola? coca cola has asked designers and musicians to work together to create videos; the resulting website is one of those things you want to hate, but have to admit they did a fine job, coca cola or not. sometimes money does buy cool content sadly.

:flash: lost explained – this guy may have found out that weird electromagnetic secret society subplot of tv series lost, the latest of american series i hate to admit of being addicted to; they now want to train an army??? i mean, come on…


:flash: suisa introduces tax on mp3 players – its been announced awhile ago, and here are the rates that will get introduced on mp3 players starting in march. all i can say is, steal your iPod. or buy it before march. or during a visit to a foreign country. no. don’t.

:flash: blogug now with comments – each feed can now receive comments. a next interesting feature would be a “latest commented blogs” page.

and one last time: you must ping must.

:flash: zgraggen schagg – ein bergbauer aus uri zur weltlage – fake or real? i think fake, with a tagline like “Ich bin arm und allein. Aber ein Kämpfer und ein Schnügel”. sis thinks its real.

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