just unsubscribe already

the other michael™ has posted a list of reasons why we all must unsubscribe from already. hilarious:

oh man i really hate all these changes going on around here why couldnt it be like the old days when everything was groovy and there was peace and love and free beer you know?

a few reasons you might want to unsubscribe already:

1) red
2) laughing members
3) puking members
4) miss the color orange
5) wish it was a different red
6) change is scary
7) nobody told me things would change
8) nobody told me how to work the new interface
9) i never read those stupid emails from tribe anyway
10) the new CEO
11) the new CEO talks too much
12) the new CEO doesn’t talk enough
13) any company with a CEO is bad
14) they killed Buster Friendly
15) they didn’t kill Buster Friendly fast enough
16) Show and Tell
17) Chorizo
18) PAP
19) the closing-down of PAP
20) never listens to us
21) and when they do listen they don’t respond
22) and when they do respond its when I’m at burning man so it doesn’t count
23) too many burning-man people
100) people who make long “exhaustive” lists that are nowhere near as amusing as the list they published last year.

find the whole list here. i think.

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