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name my tune – suffering

today’s podcast is shit. i worked on this and knew it would be. and of course i hesitated to upload it and instead link to this fantastic mix by aquasky for which he uses 153 songs in 5 minutes [via bengston]. but hey. here it is. it has this one moment i really like. so there.
i used samples i found via namemytune.com, then messed up completely, because i thought i knew the song the guy was whistling, and i was gonna mix it in, elegant see, but turns out i did not. but hey. some samples i took from a great video called JD-funWithFoundFootage490.mov that i found somewhere i am not allowed to link to yet, but this video is the bomb, hint hint. and of course one can always play that portishead classsic and then that flaming lips song i had heard in a movie i wached recently. goosebumps. so i hope you enjoy it.

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music borrowed [with all due respect] from:
1. pieceocast intro: a loop from amon tobin: hokkaido [chaos theory, the splinter cell soundtrack]; fred, the voice in my computer, samples
2. portishead: only you
3. the flaming lips: do you realise

samples borrowed:

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a word about copyleft:

all music and audio is borrowed with the utmost respect for its creators. however, i do consider this to be fair use. this material is created purely for fun, to share with my online friends. there is no commercial transaction involved. as a long-time dj i own 5’000+ albums in vinyl and quite a few cd’s. all the music i use for these mixes, i either own a copy of or it was released under a CC-license to begin with.
i release all my work, the dj work as well as all my other coding and creating, under a creative commons license, hence i treat this material as if it was under CC license. i attribute it and i do not use it for commercial gain. don’t try to sue me, i am broke anyway.

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