no i don’t want to read your blog

no i dont want to read your blog

i just discovered this tshirt via popgadget and it somehow strikes a cord with me today.
but nice guy that i am, it of course makes me feel bad as well. so many people are putting great effort into their blogs, for what? who notices? 5 to 6 readers? and does it even matter?

of course the tshirt has a more cynical undertone that i did not miss. but sill …

so many blogs so little time.
so much fantastic content getting put out there, but who has time to read it all?
can we still trust that the “good stuff” will rise to the surface?
i believe we are facing quite a challenge there. because as everybody and his dog starts to blog the disitinctions between them need to be made clear.
otherwise it will just be politics again that decide which blogs make it, with the a-listers trying to keep the ball in their camp.

and no, this has nothing to do with the blogger meeting i attended yesterday here in bern. i do want to read all your blogs, just when will i find time to do it? has someone collected all the url’s of the people present?

edit: leu and me just made the list via IM: christian, dannie, heather, jan, matthias, peter, stephan.

and slightly off topic: the lift06 video streams are online. some very cool stuff. but a sort of weird player, sadly.

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