PSP gets email and GPS add-on

PlayStation Portable to Get GPS, E-Mail.

ok, is it just me or is there a pattern emerging here?
first sony adds the browser do get everybody to make the firmware upgrade to 2.0.
next comes the RSS-reader with firmware 2.5.
now email.

nobody tell me they could not have introduced all these features from the start. so this was sony’s very clever and hidden plan to get everybody to keep upgrading firmware? i mean come on.
what this is really about is so they can keep fixing the holes exploited by hackers for the emulators that allow users to play homebrew on their PSP. which they bloody well should be allowed to do.

not really the same thing, but its sort of similar with the iPod. in a way. first it can only play mp3’s. suddenly they magically “found” a way to play photos. but not video. yet. that’ll be the next gen. and as this article shows there are quite a few things apple to yet “invent” to try to keep us buying new iPods.

yo sony, oi apple, please don’t think we ain’t noticing … [both links via digg]

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