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[stuffs what gots stuck in my browser tabs this last week]

:flash: “Alone Together” in World of Warcraft? – a group called PlayOn has collected data that seems to suggest that most players in World of Warcraft spend most of their time doing solo missions. and there are a few other very interesting findings. incidently, i have actually come up with that very sentence “alone together” while chatting with a game buddy of mine. [via waxy]

and who says WoW players can’t have fun besides gaming:

:flash: pogo techno – one of my WoW guild members made this cool and very silly video

:flash: Another cyberdissident imprisoned because of data provided by Yahoo – crap.

:flash: BitTorrent to crack down on use of name – crap again. we were all afraid this would start to happen, or were we not?

:flash: warren ellis needs a header designed by a woman – warren ellis has asked his female readers to design headers for his upcoming column called “the ministry” on the pulse.

:flash: | the mohammed dance | ceci n’est pas le prophete | ceci n’est pas mohammed – for once the blogs are the ones jumping the bandwagon. and they are getting hacked.

:flash: pubsub – is a website where you can track your frequent keyword searches, ego searches and others. [via stephanie]

:flash: dailymotionvideo bomb is more my bag, but this is another cool webiste for video plugging [thanx stephanie]

:flash: website relaunches with exclusive madonna video “sorry” in members area – meanwhile madonna has launched a microsite asking the question what are you sorry for?.

:flash: sly stone with huge blonde mohawk – reclusive funk legend sly stone made a spectacular reappearance for the grammies.

:flash: The IT Crowd 3 and 4 – for us non-britons.

:flash: portishead remixed – teh w00tness! [via beatmixed]

:flash: Gizmodo Hard Drive Dying Dance Tracks – quite a hilarious competition


:flash: denk:mal – an alternative school in bern, switzerland? i had no idea [via wuzz bloggin’]

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