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i dont know why – swiss german radio disses blogs

sad times call for sad yet inspiring songs. and in some occasions only one man can do the job. the one and only mr. al green. not much needs to be said about dj bc’s let it beast, it’s been hyped all over the blogosphere. i might have to use more stuff from the genki english songs for adult learners website, that teaches english to japanese “adults” via hiphop, [via 4rthur]. simply hilarious. and that swiss german bit is, man, simply amazing. its a swiss german radio presenter dissing blogs in such an arrogant tone that one suspects she must be quite afraid for her job … [via blattkritik]

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music borrowed [with all due respect] from:
1. pieceocast intro: a loop from amon tobin: hokkaido [chaos theory, the splinter cell soundtrack]; fred, the voice in my computer, samples
2. al green: take me to the river & let’s stay together
3. dj bc presents the beastles: ladies do love me
4. Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla: Wadidyusay (Beatgorilla’s 28 grams REMIX) [ccmixter]

samples borrowed:
genki english songs for adult learners | swiss radio drs disses blogs

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all music and audio is borrowed with the utmost respect for its creators. however, i do consider this to be fair use. this material is created purely for fun, to share with my online friends. there is no commercial transaction involved. as a long-time dj i own 5’000+ albums in vinyl and quite a few cd’s. all the music i use for these mixes, i either own a copy of or it was released under a CC-license to begin with.
i release all my work, the dj work as well as all my other coding and creating, under a creative commons license, hence i treat this material as if it was under CC license. i attribute it and i do not use it for commercial gain. don’t try to sue me, i am broke anyway.

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