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i ususally love websites like, but for some reason i am too depressed, bored, irritated or all of the above to come up with a smart question.
however under read examples i did find some q&a’s that made my day:

Q. why does my mum hate me?!

A. [okay i did not like the answer to this one, but the question rules]

Q. How am I supposed to get any work done when sites like Question Swap exist?

A. Use question swap to answer the problems in your hw. Nice and simple. Or you can smash your head into your comp screen so that you’re forced to do work instead

Q. Why won’t Bono die, like the pope?

A. Because he is the “one”, “where streets have no name”, where a “perfect day” becomes “another day,” then “twilight” until “out of control” he reads “stories for boys”, “11 o’clock tick tock”. “another time another place”, “shadows and tall trees” “cry” “gloria””i will follow” then again it me be due to his very tight leather pants

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