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[stuffs what gots stuck in my browser tabs this last week]

:flash: World of Warcraft teaches the wrong things – this is a very smart critique of WoW that manages to never fall into a moralising or game bashing stance. it starts from the premise that games do teach us things and looks at what WoW teaches us. and it is not happy with what it finds out. i agree and totally hope that the author can create his MMP before 2012. [via waxy]

:flash: eclectech: the guantamo bay song – b3taish animation on guantamo bay. nuff said.

:flash: 1. sticker award the book – german überhip editors die gestalten have released a book dedicated to 1. sticker awards. another one for that list of books that just keep growing, mang.

:flash: david choe documentary trailer – judging from the trailer this should be an excellent documentary that really seems to capture the reckless life of street artist david choe. hero alert.

:flash: what happened to baz? – animation movie depicting the perils of being a sporty yobbo cane toad is now available online. it was made in 2002 but still looks very fresh.

:flash: How to Subscribe to TV Shows Using The Democracy Player, Bittorrent, and RSS – yes yes so the fantastic democracy player does not come totally bittorrent enabled out of the box. but here’s an easy howto to get it to work. “1. Download The Democracy Player, 2. Search for a show of your choice at TVRss 3. Right click on the RSS/XML icon link and select Copy Link URL, 4. Go to Feedburner etc.” [via digg]

:flash: wordpress CoComment plugin – get it while its hot. a must-have on every blog. [thanx leu for the nag]

:flash: stalkr – find your contacts on flickr using a user and email search. but stalkr is currently feeling ill, i’m afraid.

:flash: beggr – lol begging2.0 [via bengston]

:flash: sketch swap – beware. you might receive a elaboratly drawn cock in return, but this is almost as much fun as question swap. [via 4rthur, prolly]

:flash: blueprint – is one of those games i could get very addicted to, but am controlling myself. honest. [via digg]

:flash: razr game – kinda neat viral advert game

:flash: – i am almost starting to feel bad for the guy, but he would look better as the villain.

:flash: offf 2006


:flash: noemi hat ihre claim gefunden – “ich hatte 3 mal sex mit robbie”. pathetic. jetzt tut sie mir nicht mehr leid.

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