13 years!

and counting …

13 years i love you

maestro, violins!
[ok, thacky alert. but you’ll understand, i hope.]

exactly 13 years ago today i met franziska during the carneval here in bern. it was a saturday night and soon after we met we kissed for the very first time. that’s how it all started. and 13 is not a scary number in this context. what an honour it has been to be with you.

13 years

i want to thank you for all the good times, the lessons you taught me, the countless exstatic moments, the infinite love.
i want to apologise to you for the pain i may have caused you.
i want to promise to you to never ever take you for granted.

13 years of love

you’re welcome for all the laughs and love. we have barely tapped the surface …


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