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:flash: are you from the past? – TEH killer line from the IT crowd is now available as a t-shirt. still chuckling from episode 6 we watched last night; to watch moss dance was simply too cool… but was this it? no more episodes till next year? [via bb]

:flash: – yeah, i know, sadly no website to be found at this adress. the only point of criticism i would have regarding the great comedy show the it crowd. [watch out, spoilers]: in episode 6 a website called was set up by people from the “IT community” after moss had sent out an email to all his contacts asking if men could have PMT symptomes.

:flash: boingboing responds to getting banned in UAE, Qatar, elsewhere – and delivers among other things the BOING BOING’S GUIDE TO DEFEATING CENSORWARE.

:flash: banksy hits hollywood – love this one. [via wooster]

:flash: that german teenie band called blog27 – that settles it, if you still had doubts whether blogs were hitting the mainstream or not. [via]

:flash: digimag 12 march 06 is online – in italian only so far, interesting articles about second life and a transmediale report.

:flash: lockpick pornography is not porn – joey comeau’s [a softer world] novel lockpick pornography is a good read, and for awhile there it looked like he was making it available for free online. but then he stopped posting at chapter 7 of 10. i did crunch my teeth a little when i ordered it. but hey… i have spent money for worse.

:flash: a bit of bittorrent bother – Adam Livingstone responds to “the torrent of abuse streamed our way over our piece on Friday 24 February about BitTorrent and encryption”. i quite like this part: ” Why is it that every time the media starts to talk about the internet they feel compelled to bang on about paedophiles and terrorists […]? Well here’s one answer – it sells copy. Another answer is that we’re totally scared of new media, because new media is railways and we’re canals, and you all just know how that’s going to end.” honest. [via, who says: “best BBC online piece I’ve ever read”]

:flash: subtitle movie – the situation reversed, this time an excerpt form a bollywood movie gets english subtitles. funny and cute [via 4rthur]

:flash: is spore the best video game ever? – video of “Will Wright talking at the Game Developer’s Conference about ‘Spore'” [via waxy]

:flash: wikipedia hits 1’000’000 – gratz! [via waxy]

:flash: stepUI – “We’ve created applications that can be controlled using a dance pad instead of the keyboard or mouse. We have StepMail which allows you to read, delete and flag your email and StepPhoto which allows you to organize your photos. Using these applications is fun, helps reduce RSI, and gets you up out of your chair.” bring it, d00dz! [via we-make-money-not-art]

:flash: dataprotection via auto-destruction – i am not sure i like this idea, the laptop starts to auto-delete data after a few failed login attempts. problem is, i would have to write my password onto the laptop in big fat magic marker to make sure never to forget it.

:flash: dear C-list blogger – cartoon. i love the response. but then, the next day … [via]

:flash: phone spam in switzerland – i received the exact same phone spam call as stephanie last week … uh oh.

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