snoopolize instead of pornolize

since is down, [what do you mean: “Doing soulsearching at the moment. will be back for full. Soon. ” soulsearching ???] we now have to transform our favorite webpages with the snoop dogg shizzolator, which transforms html-content into snoop-talk.

sometimes you get this:
Yo’ ass don’t has permission access on this server, know what I’m sayin’?”

but mostly it works smoothe as buttah:
“since is down, [what do yo’ ass mean: “Doing soulsearching at da moment, know what I’m sayin’? will be back fo’ full n’ shit. Soon, know what I’m sayin’? ” soulsearching ???] we now has transform izzle favorite webpages wit da snoop dogg shizzolator, which transforms html-content into snoop-talk n’ shit.
sometimes yo’ ass get this:”

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