interviewed my fugly twin brother

i am teh fugly hat meinen hässlichen zwillingsbruder interviewt. entweder das oder ich hatte vorher zuviel crack geraucht aus den wasserpfeifen im hintergrund. sehr beängstigend. ich hasse hasse hasse mich auf film und photo zu sehn. das absolute highlight: ich erscheine neben weibel auf dieser übersicht. sakrament.

jan zuppinger zu swiss blog awards, sozialarbeit und sonst noch paar stuffs
59.4 M [.wmv]

check it, on the overview my image currently appears next to weibel. thats probably as close as i’ll ever get to this genius. we are not worthy. but uhm. oh yeah. its not me, in fact must have interviewed my fugly twin brother.
or maybe it was me, but i must have had a bad hair non-day from hell or sumink. or smoked too much crack in one of them water pipes behind me.

jan zuppinger on swiss blog awards, social work and other stuffs – in german 59.4 M [.wmv]

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