jack dangers meat beat manifesto remix contest

after coldcut [and quite a few others that i missed] it is now the turn of jack dangers [meat beat manifesto] to get interviewed and to offer a remix contest at the ableton live website. another hero of mine. and i should really get remixing. pants! the files are downloaded, so hey. who knows.

don’t know him? i could not describe him any better than they do on the website:

It’s as hard to summarize the influence Jack Dangers has had on electronic music as it is to categorize his output. His primary project, Meat Beat Manifesto, has delivered seminal albums ranging from proto-Industrial classics to dark hip hop and experimental electronica. MBM’s music comes across like an electrical extension of ’70s-era Miles Davis — in other words, dark, grooving, experimental and always on the cutting edge. Jack Dangers has also worked with Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprosy, as well as being a member of Tino Corp.

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