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[stuffs what gots stuck in my browser tabs this last week]

:flash: – FUCKKKKKK! who told them? for years it has been the running gag among swiss web developers, that the main swiss governmental domaine would create a 404 when entered short, meaning without the www. like so: i kept visiting it and smirking, because it showed me, that even a website that cost 20 millions can contain such major mistakes. well, its fixed now. sadly. some idjut must have told them. dammit. i checked last week and it was still broken. socks.

:flash: san keller shouts your message – between 25. Februar – 7. Mai 2006 swiss artist san keller will shout messages that people can send him out of the window of his apartement. he first did this in cairo where he recently stayed on a grant. it costs 1 swiss franc per message. this artistic action is part of the KOLONIALISMUS OHNE KOLONIEN? series @ shedhalle in zürich.

:flash: negativland interviews U2’s the edge – this is a transcript of the famous interview during which Mondo2000 editor R. U. Serius in 1992 brought together the guys from negativland with The Edge, without his knowledge, shortly after negativland had gotten sued by the U2 record company for their usage of a snipplet from a U2 song. The Edge is surprisingly cool and quite candid regarding his views on copyrights and record companies. 14 years later and things have not changed for the better. [via waxy]

:flash: getting sued for his publishing the house of cosby – and he seems to be willing to fight it out. good luck

:flash: saul williams: the dead emcee scrolls – the lost teachings of hiphop. judging from the short expert saul is going all out regarding his views on the state of hiphop.

:flash: the kelptones: EP 1 – pre-release EP for the upcoming kleptones album “24 hours”.

:flash: natalie portman gangsta rapper – kinda “oh come on”, kinda cool.

:flash: mashr – i like the tagline: mashing for dummies. the new mashup central hub? looking good. [via sis]

:flash: the moonwalking bird – i especially like how the scientist self-consiously imitates the birds moves.

:flash: man walking – anim gif of the week [via leu]

:flash: goldburger to go – one of those games with levers and switches that you have to push in the right sequence. w00t. [via 4rthur]

:flash: play killer sudoku online – oh crap, i give up.

:flash: webzen: ceci n’est pas un blog – pretty amazing blogs-not-blogs list, my fave this is fun “THE SAUSAGES WERE ON THE PLATES! IT WAS AT THE RESTAURANTS!!!”

:flash: nouvo: 9. mars 2006 – 2 very interesting videos: L’oscar du meilleur jeu vidéo [on machinima and alex chan, creator of the film: the french democracy] and big apple is watching you [on how apple is generating data in sneaky ways]

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