this blog is the best

well, not this one, raymi’s:

a poem by raymi

this blog is the best
all other blogs are inferior they should be laid to rest
oh this blog is the best
the best best best best BEST

the internet was invented for me only,
i don’t care what you heard about the army
this blog has big muscles
and they got that way from dumb bells

sometimes your parents read my blog
and even your dog
and they wish i was their daughter
because i am way hotter

oh this blog is the best
it would score 100 per cent on a test
oh this blog is the best
it has the nicest chest

my template is amazing
it tastes like gravy

this blog is ethical and political
and you cry like a little girl
and your jokes aren’t funny
and you don’t have any money

this blog is your only friend
it is very good looking
the end

well said, and i agree.

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