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nothing is really happening in this country

just when you thought it was safe to listen to pieceocast again there’s more “the it crowd” stuff. sorry about that. but The IT Crowd vs Run-DMC – iDidas remix simply rocks tooo much not to use it here. my iDidas.
then i am at a loss for explanations. how in the world that sample from epic 2014 – xcuse me 2015 led me to the dells are great for porno and the bruce sterling rant on switzerland ??? i dunno. you know, artists … tss. not that i would ever dare call myself an artist. i am just a bloke with maybe a little too much time on my hands. who knows.
oh and osymyso! osymyso!! osymyso!!! marc has made this fab 30 sec mix for the bbc and for us deplorable swissies who only receive bbc prime (*puke*) and never will see this jingle on the tellie, imagine johnny vegas pretending to DJ over this. muuuhaaahahaaa.

so please enjoy pieceocast. while it lasts. and tell a friend.

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music borrowed [with all due respect] from:
1. pieceocast intro: a loop from amon tobin: hokkaido [chaos theory, the splinter cell soundtrack]; fred, the voice in my computer, samples
2. The IT Crowd vs Run-DMC – iDidas
3. osymyso: velure walk home
4. david bowie: queen bitch

samples borrowed:

epic 2014 – xcuse me 2015, dells are great for porno, bruce sterling rant on switzerland

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a word about copyleft:

all music and audio is borrowed with the utmost respect for its creators. however, i do consider this to be fair use. this material is created purely for fun, to share with my online friends. there is no commercial transaction involved. as a long-time dj i own 5’000+ albums in vinyl and quite a few cd’s. all the music i use for these mixes, i either own a copy of or it was released under a CC-license to begin with.
i release all my work, the dj work as well as all my other coding and creating, under a creative commons license, hence i treat this material as if it was under CC license. i attribute it and i do not use it for commercial gain. don’t try to sue me, i am broke anyway.

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