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[stuffs what gots stuck in my browser tabs this last week]

:flash: petition pour le retour du printemps – must-sign petition of the week, “dear mr. climate, please get started with spring already …” [thx steph]

:flash: roots manuva: alternately deep – already with the last album the remix/versions album that followed was almost better than the original. if thats even humanly possible. and it is. w00t to da r00ts manuva.

:flash: mission eternity: crossing the deadline – is a very intriguing etoy corporation project will be launched in july. this artcast interview [in swiss german] has more info.

:flash: shadow of the colosseus – run and get it, the successor game to ico has been released. finally a great game website as well…

:flash: the pirate bay: here to stay? – the story of how those swedes resist the threats of the MPAA among others. yet, this swedish guy from my WoW guld has told me that people in sweden have gotten convicted to up to 3 years of prison for illegally downloading. thats more than rapists get, he said. i could not confirm this in a google search.

:flash: 25 things i hate about google – i finally found someone who agrees that those seasonally changing google images suck ass.

:flash: the it crowd remixes? 1 2 – the contest has not really taken off yet, despite getting boingboinged. but mix 2 is fab.

:flash: the raconteurs – the keyboard driven navigation on this band website is rather spiffy. the band? i dunno. [via 4rthur]

:flash: evoke tv – share your tv habbits with the world? sure, social software can go there. how about a toothbrush user group, where you get to share when you brush your teeth, and how long, and how big your toothbrush is?

:flash: i love you – oh god. that should put 13 year old boys off girls for good, or should it not?

:flash: this summer, we’ll be wearing – gosh, i hope not.

:flash: Here’s Johnny … – guardian interview with the latest lovable drunk emerging in british culture – that incidentally always seems to have one of those.

software corner

:flash: appzapper – the sourly missing uninstaller app for osX is finally here. and they even resisted the temptation to call it iZapper.

:flash: übercaster – this looks like it could be a sweet all-in-one podcasting application. i’d love to be a beta-tester *hint hint*. [thx hannes]

:flash: worst video ever? – try if you can make it through this, sort of in german [thx klav!]


:flash: lucie kolb – awhile ago we built this website vor vorkurs bern, where students get to upload their projects. this is why. lucie kolb is definitely a name to watch out for. where is her website?

:flash: cat tuong nguyen – this very shy but very talented photographer came to my house this last week to take a picture for … am i allowed to say? scroll down to see some very political stills like this one

cat tuong nguyen @
© cat tuong nguyen

:flash: ktipp: gratis-software – swiss consumer rights mag ktipp lists free software, that, they say, is even better than microsoft. unfortunately they expect us to pay to watch the article online. hmmm

:flash: or – now offers its aggregator page wap or mobile compatible.

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