swiss blog awards: the buzz is on

feverish. like totally, oh mang

the nominations for the swiss blog awards start tonight. and its not even looking that bad. just a couple of bugs to fix and some translations to get finalised. tonight, starting midnight, on this channel:

Swiss Blog Awards 2006

but hannes has already published his prognosis, who to win, what to vote.

d00d, my fingers are soooo itching. i would so love to publish my own nominations and predictions here on my blog as well. but since i am part of the organising comittee my hands may well be tied.

on the other hand, are they really? isn’t this what blogging is all about? aren’t we all in multiple roles and flexibly switching between them? does not my role as organiser of the awards have nothing to do with my personal blog?

please dear swiss blogosphere, may i please, please, puuuhhllleeeaasse publish my nominations? enough torture that i am not eligible, which sucks because:

Swiss Blog Awards 2006

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