mirrors, high-tech shirts and futebol

ronaldo, vieri and totti find themselves in front of a magic mirror. the mirror makes people disappear as soon as they speak a lie.
ronaldo goes up first and says: “i think i am the most beautiful man on earth” and *blop* he disappears.
next is vieri: “i think i am the most intelligent man” and *smack* he is no more.
finally comes totti, who only has the time to say: “i think…” and *bof* he is gone.

the new england shirts have “anatomically engineered moisture management panneling”.
what that means?
your guess is as good as mine.
the shirts have many small holes, probably…

alex bellos wrote a great book about brasilian football called “futebol – the brasilian way of life”.
i mentioned it here
its a great book with a great website, where you can ask alex your questions about brasilian football!

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