R.I.P. nokia 7650 – a hommage

nokia 7650 R.I.P.

sad day yesterday as my beloved nokia 7650 finally crapped out.
i had received it as a gift in october 2002, which means i had it for more than 3 years, which is longer than my blog (by almost 2 weeks)!
and i loved it with a passion.
best phone ever!
despite its clunkiness. despite the awful design. despite a few major flaws in soft- and hardware.
my moblog and flickr accounts have all been fed with images from its fisheyeish camera, a right shite camera that. but hey. brilliant!

thanx 7650, you’ll be sourly missed. have fun in gadget paradise or wherever you guys go after you die.

oh, what happend, you ask? it just won’t start up any longer. the contacts on the on/off button had been shifty for awhile and are now not working any more.
[anyone know how i could maybe reboot it otherwise?]

what now? i am still waiting for it and i can therefore only repeat: when when WHEN will nokia finally release the N91. or the N92???? hmmmm choices.

notice: instead of sending flowers and cards of condolence please spend more time with your friends and family.

edit: the magic hands of franziska brought it back to live. w00t. unbelievable.
edit2: oops dead again
edit3: w00t alive again … argh. what to do about teh R.I.P. now? franziska suggested i should make a resurrection graphic. i might.

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