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[stuffs what gots stuck in my browser tabs this last week]

:flash: pwned – the best viral ever. period. the rest of yall can stop trying now. this will be unsurpassed. [via]

:flash: blogmad – lets you rate blogs. are you hot or not meets blogosphere. [via leumund]

:flash: digimag # 12 is now out in english – and it contains a great article about robotmusic.

:flash: bust a move – oh lord, thats gotta hurt. quicktime video.

:flash: bruce sterling talk @ SXSWi – damn straight, that’s how brilliant this guy can talk.

:flash: EVIAN MINERAL WATER “WATERBOY” – cute, wait untill they make babies. and oh socks – its a damn commercial. [via 4rthur]

:flash: cap’n’pop – aha, just when you thought falsh games had gotten boring …

en francais

:flash: les traducteurs pirtaes de series tv – an informative report about people who add professional subtitles to pirated tv series.

:flash: la semaine vue par nouvo – fully worth it for that japanese, instructional kissing film excerpt at the end. and for the great zone interdite project i forgot to blog when i read about it awhile ago.

auf detsch

:flash: (beeindruckt) london – dr. mercedes bunz shares her impressions of london and wonders why there is no muji stores in germany: “Offensichtlich ist es so: Die Welt denkt, dass Deutsche Muji nicht brauchen und nichts damit anfangen können. Folglich: Wir haben definitiv etwas falsch gemacht, wir sollten dringend etwas an unserem Image tun, das können wir eigentlich nicht auf uns sitzen lassen. Muji muss her!”. same goes for switzerland. Muji muss her.


:flash: promote SBAW with Zweckform4616 – leumund has created a pdf generator that lets you input taglines to create stickers and postcards. fantastic.

:flash: zum runden leder kündigt die swiss blog awards an – aber die kommentare wechseln schnell das thema und eine debatte zwischen Der Blog, Das Blog, Die Blog and Der Duden bricht aus, witizg. – but the comments quickly switch to a different topic and a debate between Der Blog, Das Blog, Die Blog and Der Duden ensues, hilarious.

:flash: cyberhelvetia: Ende. Aus. Für immer. (fast). – nick lüthi hat realisiert, dass die uri momenta ins digitale fegefeuer führt und christian meint es sei bloss temporär. – nick lüthi has realised that the uri leads into digital limbo right now. christian informs that it might still come back.

:flash: froschhüpfen – “he, dr michu bschisst!”

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