cyberhelvetia ist tod – lang lebe fotobot

nick lüthi has noticed that the uri, the tribute website of the expo02 project, currently leads into digital limbo. sad. that.
christian has already calmed us in comments and informs that this is only temporary.

but but but fotobot lives!
and lets face it, fotobot was t3h killer app of this project. i am glad to see that belleville keeps developing it.
[fotobots are futuristic looking bots that get stuck inside shop windows. passers-by can then trigger an infrared beam to get their photos taken. the photos are sent to a website]


fotobot capetownfotobot capetownfotobot capetownfotobot capetown

rainbowNATION plans to place fotobots in 4 southafrican cities. there are two fotobots per window and in chosing one of them the users answers yes or no to a given question, in the case of capetown: “10 years from now: will people still be living in twonships around capetown?” i think this is absolutely brillant. here’s a photo from the set-up.

rainbowNATION southafrica

fotobot parisfotobot parisfotobot parisfotobot parisfotobot paris, the book and literature community, has placed a fotobot in prime location at the taschen-verlag flagshipstore in paris, and asks people to take their photos with books. or without. users can then place these books into their online libraries, if i understand this part correctly. another great idea. check out this photo for the set-up.

fotobot archive

and, some nostalgia should be allowed, still shows the 1 million images taken during expo.02. [sigh, best job i ever had … so far]

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