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jacko nosejob suggestions

i love this. some girl named vanessa has written 2 comments to this early test posting of mine:

first comment 29th Mar 2006 11:50: this is sick this should be filtered tov ever body s computer how could u steeep so low

second somment 29th Mar 2006 11:52 i love charlie mclaren 4eva come bak 2 me i love u so much and dan s

ha ha. i find this priceless.

first a statement of outrage, but wait, it already contains quite a few contradictions. how can something be sick, yet should be “filtered” [?] to everybodys computer. and what exactly does she mean by “filtered”? this first statment ends with a question, or at least i assume it is one as punctuation marks are very much absent from her writing. a question nevertheless, if in fact it is one, that i often ask myself, how could i steep so low? how? how could i steep myself in irony and sarcasm for so low?

then, two minutes later, follows another comment. this one is a shout out. to one charlie mclaren. oh and to dan s as well. it is this final part that cracks me up. “and to dan s”. seconds after imploring charlie to come back because she loves him forever, vanessa also wants to keep her options open with dan. smooth. dan, charlie, please find this an react to it on my moblog. please?

cute dogs

plus: snooping around old moblog entries is fun, i saw that this early posting has been viewed 22209 times. isn’t that impressive? oh and its created quite the outrage in certain animal lovers circles. “how mean you cruel animal hater! you know its bad for dogs when you do that!! *@@@@*”

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