panini mania

i may have hesitated too long to write this. its simply too embarrasing. at my age, still collecting panini? dammit. i should get a life soon. *writes “get a life soon” on to do list*

who would have thought that the swiss are the top consumers of panini in worldwide comparison (switzerland: 150 million images sold = 20/person = 11 x more than the germans = 40 x more than the italians = the inventors of the thing. panini are sold in 110 countries, yet switzerland alone makes up 10% of worldwide sales. [numbers via blick]). we swiss collect those silly footie stickers with a passion bordering on the frantic.

yet panini, the company, seems determined to milk the swiss market even further. both blick and le matin, the two biggest classic newspapers in the swiss german part and in the romandie respectively, deliver the panini album free of charge. pushers getting people hooked. and there is even a panini advert on TV.

me? i am already addicted. so as far as i am concerned, panini can save the advertising money to maybe hire a better graphic artist for the next album. actually i could stop collecting now, i already have ronaldinho, lampart, crespo and terry. all my faves. but hey… drogpa is still missing.

i have been doing the math. in order to fill the album clean, meaning you never get any doubles, would cost 120.- swiss francs. and with a rate of doubles of 33% at least the cost shoots up to 180.-. this is nuts. only when you are down to 20 images missing you can order the missing images directly.

a swiss blogger has built an application that lets you keep track of your collection, pc only [via]. nice. since i am def. too old to go trading in a school rec area. hell, i would even get arrested, i will have to use the online trade fair at but oh no, its a forum. could this not be done better? lets have a re-think.

i have the following images double: 266, 267

edit: i understand now why sales in italy are 40 times lower than in switzerland. yesterday we spent a day in milano and i wanted to buy “figurine panini” at the main trainstation. i asked at least 5 newsvendors and tabacchi. none of them sold them. that explains it. or is it the other way around? they don’t sell them because nobody wants them?

edit2: fc zurich fans have released homemade special stickers in an attempt to replace hakan yakin with their own player dzemaili, mildly amusing.

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