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:flash: italian graffiti artist shot by cops in como, italy – jesus fucking christ, are italian cops totally nuts? [via rho]

:flash: my life in the bush of ghosts released under a CC license – released in 1981, this is one of the most sampled albums and has been cited as very influential by many. Stay tuned, the remix site is coming soon!: download/remix/share. [via de:bug]

:flash: They Might Be Gannets – “Way back in 1992, They Might Be Giants released ‘Apollo 18’. On that album was a unique track called ‘Fingertips’ which contained 21 tiny snippets or suggestions of songs. Now, They Might Be Gannets have fleshed out those snippets into fully fledged lovin”. to that we say, thanx for sharing the love, m8. [via 4rthur]

:flash: PimpMyCamino – hah, i am not the only one who loves camino, the osX browser running on mozilla engine. and this website lists quite a few mods.

:flash: super mario bros. stamps – cute. [via we-make-money-not-art]

:flash: largest online stadium – for those of us who can’t afford the tickets … my seat: Block L Tribune: 8 Seat :198 – behind the goals, as usual. next to a sexy czech girl.

largest online stadium

:flash: Macworld UK – EFF and Apple in court April 20 – apple in court vs. the EFF for trying to restrict bloggers rights. take that, suckah.

:flash: New scientific review shows vegetarian diets cause major weight loss – if this is true, then why am i gaining weight. maybe i have been a vegetarian too long, more than 20 years, and the effect is fading?

:flash: T R E M U L O U S – open source multiuser game. or: there’s life beyond WoW.

:flash: iGoatse. the new skin for your iPod – the must-have iPod skin [via 4rthur]

:flash: Wired News: The Best Internet Spoofs – this was online last saturday, just in time for april fools. but errr its timeless, no really.

:flash: pirate party yarr – interview w. the leader of sweden’s pirate party, trying to put copyright laws and p2p onto the political agenda.

:flash: sehr gut kommt sehr gut – bloody awesome and rare “neue deutsche welle” compilation album made available online. [thx other michael]


:flash: nouvo: Le boum des bimbos virtuelles – cyberbimbos are everywhere, but wait, they made lara’s breast smaller???

swiss blogs

:flash: blogrrr – somebody’s watching you – leu has launched the preregister site for his blogrrr project. its not fully clear what the project will be all about, but the BD graphics are super nice already.

:flash: ArtCast featuring Initiative Grundeinkommen – artcast speaks with Enno Schmidt and Daniel Häni about their project Initiative Grundeinkommen.

:flash: Ex-Migros- Blog gewinnt! – lost in translations has launched a very cool swiss blog awards campaign. i wish there were more like these … [thx red]

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