theyesmen: call for donations

just received this call for donations via theyesmen newsletter. and i’ll gladly pass it on:

* In a few weeks, the Yes Men will speak at a major conference as one of the world’s biggest, nastiest companies. We’re planning something every bit as bizarre as the WTO’s meter-long golden phallus – but we’re a bit short on funds to pull it off. If you can help, please visit or write to us.

* On a whole other level, survivors of the Bhopal catastrophe have just completed a march from Bhopal to Delhi to protest the Indian government’s refusal to help force Dow to the table; now they’re beginning a hunger strike. Please support them at or by donating to the Bhopal Medical Appeal (

hmmm the hints are killing me, which “major conference” and what “biggest, nastiest company” are they talking about? and aren’t they giving away too much? i can’t wait to see what the next meter-long golden phallus will be like … lol.

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