time to sack him, yup

I usually keep my opinions for myself, but i urge all of my Italian readers to go and vote today or tomorrow: abstention will not help if we want to get rid of that awful government.

italians, please listen to regine!

When will we be free of it? I feel that I’m carrying a weight on my back. I feel a leaden atmosphere around, it’s sickly, it imprisons thoughts, it’soppressive.
Basta! Enough!

italians, please listen to beppe.

similarly: tagesanzeiger has an incredible slideshow of the most incredible berlusconi statements, in german however. these translations are mine:
“i am the jesus christ of politics”
“only napoleon has been more succesful than i have”
i knoww, i just said incredible 3 times. but i mean, how megalomaniac is a politician allowed to be? [via blattkritik]

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