post-winter pointless post

this morning i stopped a google search while the page was loading and this is what my browser spat out.

var ie5 = false;var bl_g={undo:”Undo”,more:”More options”,rmqp:”For this search, remove this page”,rmp:”For all searches, remove this page”,rms:”For all searches, remove all pages from %h”,app:”Remove”,can:”Cancel”,cqp:”Removed %u from your search results for %q”,cp:”Removed %u from all of your search results”,cs:”Removed %h from all of your search results”,urm:”Restore removed result”,rrm:”Redo remove result”,hlp:”Help”};var bl_q=function(bl_){return document.getElementById(bl_)};var bl_h=0;function bl_x(){var bl_=document.createElement(“div”);”#ffff88″;”5px”;”1em”;”1em”;return bl_}function _tog_mo(bl_,bl_a){var bl_b=bl_q(“rm”+bl_);var bl_c=bl_q(“mo”+bl_);bl_o(bl_b,bl_a?”none”:”block”);bl_o(bl_c,bl_a?
“block”:”none”);return false}function bl_z(bl_)
{return””+bl_+””}function bl_s(bl_,bl_a){return”+bl_a+””}function bl_o(bl_,bl_a){}var bl_v=”
“;bl_k.innerHTML=bl_t;var bl_n=bl_x();”mo”+bl_h;var bl_j=””+bl_u;bl_j+=bl_v+”; line-height:1.3em’>
“;var bl_p=[“qp”,”p”,”s”];for(var bl_r in bl_p){bl_j+=” “+bl_g[“rm”+bl_p[bl_r]].replace(/%h/,bl_f)+”
“}bl_j+=bl_v+” 0px 0px 25px;’>”;bl_j+=” “+bl_s(“_obh()”,bl_g.hlp)+”
parentNode.insertBefore(bl_n,bl_d);bl_h+=1}function bl_A(bl_){var bl_a=bl_q(“rm”+bl_);var bl_b=bl_q(“mo”+bl_);bl_a.parentNode.removeChild(bl_a);bl_b.
return bl_a.el}function bl_D(bl_,bl_a,bl_b,bl_c){bl_.innerHTML=bl_g.rrm;bl_.

i can’t really explain why i love this … but i do. looks awesome, no? and its got all this intel about parents and child innit.

it snowed again last night. its all white outside. already they start to prevent avalanches using explosives in the near-by ski-resort and it is *checks* only 7:07 now. the house shivers each time they fire one up.

the italian house still trembles as well, or so it seems.. prodi or berlusconi is still not quite decided yet. last night, when it was looking good, we already made plans to move to italy. and i really wanted to wake up this morning and scream: “yesssss! one down”. oh well. we shall overcome, some day… etc ah ha.


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