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bunny mandala

:flash: perfect bunny mandala – awhile ago pictoplasma asked for submissions of bunny graphics. more than 12 months later: “our favourite graphic designer Alex Fuchs took it upon himself to bring the 4,2 gigabytes of rabbit icons into one logical system: the perfect Bunny Mandala!” we likeee wabbitz.

:flash: bunny suicides online – and speaking of bunnies, someone has made the whole bunny suicides book available online. my new fave: disguised as lobster oh, or that one: hidning inside space invaders [via b3ta]

:flash: “You cant sell me my birth right.” – this kid says: “Im lonely and angry. Im a graphic artist. I do work for bands,singing groups,people,the undead. I want to do shit for you. click here to view my artwork click here to view my artwork click here to view my artwork click here to view my artwork click here to view my artwork click here to view my artwork.” “I listen to music intended to make you sick. Heavy enough to vibrate your insides and make you shit out of your mouth. Mean enough to make nuns cry and cream their pants. Black Sheep loving enough to make satan turn his head and jerk off with ghandi. Disgusting enough to make soccer team parents vomit gold medal celebration hot dogs all over your itchy soccer shirt. Hot enough to make you sweat out your piss underneath a plastic bag. Angry enough to spank eminem and kitties bare asses with an oily belt.”
gosh do i love the interweb. no really.

:flash: We are the Torturers: The Global Erosion of Human Rights – “The absolute ban on torture, a cornerstone of the international human rights edifice, is under attack. The principle we once believed to be unassailable – the inherent right to physical integrity and dignity of the person – is becoming a casualty of the so-called war on terror.”

:flash: Violent games make young men smoke marijuana – “The study claims that the men who have just played a violent game (GTA) are more likely to see others’ attitudes towards them as hostile, smoke marijuana, and drink alcohol.” lol

:flash: BlogBurst – “The lines between the mainstream media and the rest of the world will start to blur, not because people (bloggers) are joining the mainstream media, but because of the opposite effect: The mainstream media rejoins the people” should we be scared 1? [quote from wired]

:flash: DJ typing style used to securely distribute music – “A technique used by Bletchley Park cryptographers to identify operators is being applied to distribute musical recordings to DJs securely using the internet.” should we be scared 2?

:flash: blogging scientist – aha, let the tribes reunite. [via habi]

:flash: elnet – ASCii’d starwars episode IV – in terminal – for geeks [via habi, who is one, and we love him for it]

:flash: Speed Demos Archive – We ♥ Katamari – videos of games played as fast as possible. meanwhile, i am not even sure i love katamari, the king irritates the crap outta me.

:flash: we make money not art: Interview of Paul Granjon – regine has published a short interview with paul granjon, maker of sexed robots among other grumpy robots.

:flash: kittenauthtest – having to spot the cats makes a much better captcha! [via waxy]

:flash: SAVE AS – You Will Get Laid From This Show – artist takes spam and porn to create art [via wired = review of this project]

:flash: the joys of txt – yet another only mildly amusing viral

swiss blogs

:flash: street sudoku – nicola nova has spotted a girl playing sudoku on an advert in the streets


:flash: hilfe für schweizer blogger – uhm, brauchen wir hilfe? nein, wir helfen uns selbst. der blick beschreibt die swiss blog awards.

:flash: “Vier normale Männer, die das Internet benutzten” – “Die Anschläge von London waren eine bescheidene, einfache Tat von vier anscheinend normalen Männern, die das Internet benutzten.” der bericht aus dem observer von telepolis prägnant zusammengefasst und analysiert.

:flash: Gegen Hooligans, auch in der Politik – “Das Hooligangesetz schafft elementare Grundrechte ab und kriminalisiert ganze Fankurven. Die Basler Muttenzerkurve meldet: «Wir lancieren das Referendum!»” [via gbsn]

:flash: weblogs sind doch nur was für schwachsinnige! ich weiß das genau, weil ich hab selber eines! – genau.

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