unfair hair

the other day my love told me, that with women hair moves bottom to top, meaning that with age women lose hair “bellow” – on legs, around pubs and other such bodyparts – and get more hair “above”, which i assume means bigger mustaches and, get this, more hair on the head!
well, thats so flickin typical.
and so bloody godawfully unfair.
we all know that with men it’s the exact opposite. they lose hair up top, on their heads, while they get more hairy bellow, on bellies, buttocks, and even *arghl* on backs. as a man it seems like hair starts to sprout everywhere you don’t want it to, even out of noses and ears! and it refuses to grow where you want it to.
that fact in and of it self is a big bummer.
but to find out, that with women it’s the exact opposite way … that’s a killer!

all together it’s more prove of something we suspected all allong: nature is just so damn unfair!

as we all know, this is not the only aspect of life where women and men’s development runs along exactly diametrically opposed paths.
for instance: men are very horny, when they are very young; when young they could fuck all the time. but men lose their sexual drive gradually with age; while women with age get more horny. [well, up ’till a certain point, that is, when the sexual drive leaves women all together, while men can peter and hump on ’till they are very very old. and they can even father a child with a very young woman at age 80 or so]

then cuddeling comes to mind: young men never ever want to cuddle, young women all the time. with age thie need reverse themselves: women only want to fuck, while men would not mind cuddeling, just this once…
okay we admit, mostly this happens when they have a wood problem, maybe….

other things seem in that way reversed, but i can’t think of any right now, can you? why has nature built man and woman in such a way. this sucks. i want my money back!

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