gonfle a blog – too cool for sbaw

ok ok. soon sooon sooooon we will be ready to communicate the nominees for the 1. swiss blog awards. at this point 10 of the 15 have formally accepted their nominations.

meanwhile allow me to brag for a few seconds, please. may i? nevermind that question, i’ll brag anyway.

yesterday my ego was blown up almost to burst – hmmm, this does somehow sound much better in french, gonfle a bloque – for …ohhh… maybe 30 seconds when i saw that pieceoplastic.com, or rather my silly weekly podcast aka pieceocast, was nominated for the category “multimedia”.

naturally i declined, because i had to leave at least a chance at winning to my competitors i am part of the organising comitee. grml umpf [never again am i gonna let such a chance slip, man]

i knowww, ego is silly. i knowww, the long tail is way cooler. i knowww, who cares. but it just felt good. and blah. and thanx to anybody who nominated me and i do mean besides my chinese hackers.

i am therefore officially:

too cool for sbaw

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