mission eternity in bern tonite [edit]

mission eternity the new project by etoy 20:00 kornhausforum bern

but miss barca – milan? hmmmm maybe …

noooo, for sure, cu there

edit: unfortunately i had to leave 45 min. into the presentation – and franziska 1 hour later – because we had to finish the swiss blog awards booklet, so we prolly both missed the grande finale, where etoy revealed that mission eternity is a hoax after all, so now saying “very interesting project” the joke is fully on me. but i really do like the idea; its snappy, its multi-faceted, its somehow “grown up”, if i may say so. however franziska said it best when she came back from the presentation: she would prefer a service that deletes all the junk that she leaves behind after she dies, instead of prolonging the mess in such a way. and, all things considered, i agree with her.

habi? hymnos-christian? did you blog your thoughts yet? plan to? where can i trackback?

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