snipplets 1

simpson rerun on the tellie: homer is trying to lose weight. on the motivational tape he uses towards that end one of the lines goes like this: with the excess bodyfat of all americans the grand canyon could easily get filled..

blick (#1 swiss yellow press) headline: trotz millionen – depressionen (despite millions – depression, but of course in german this rhymes ;-)) the talk is of robbie williams, who apparently suffers despite being a star; or does he suffer because of being one?
at any rate “i’ ll sit at home with a box of chocolates watching football and then go to bed early…”
oh the glamorous life! mabe it’s time to start taking drugs again, robbie… 😈

just ordered the 3 classic cult-pornfilms par excellence (according to some french porn-expert i just saw on the box): deep throat, behind the green door, and the devil in mrs. jones
gotta have your porn history up to code, don’t you agree???
click click click…
oh no… what did i just do????????? :red:

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