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[stuffs what gots stuck in my browser tabs this last week]


:flash: reboot – “reboot is a community event for the practical visionaries who are at the intersection of digital technology and change all around us… 2 days. 400 people.” each year i mean to go. is it for this year? hmmm

:flash: OFFF BCN 2006: 11-12-13 Mayo 2006 – barcelona and OFFF we will visit for sure and the list of invitees seems to get more interesting by the day… [did we get our tickets already, love?]


:flash: theshow with zefrank – daily video blogs, like rocketboom but better

:flash: Baby, You Mean The World Of Warcraft To Me – “When we met, I was looking for a group fit to take the Zul’Gurub instance. But as I stocked up on provisions at the convenience store before my quest, and our eyes locked, I realized that I was not looking for a group, I was looking for love, and I found it in you.” [thx tobistar]

:flash: The Goat is on a Pole! – i checked, and the goat really really REALLY is on the pole [via b3ta]

:flash: switzerland home of the hunks – apparently women should visit switzerland this summer instead of the worldcup. we r teh hunks. [the other michael blames me, why?]

:flash: My name is Hare and I know nothing – an antivirus software translation that went well [another michael]

vocoder [all thx to guess who, yup, other michael]

:flash: Dr Sbaitso Will Listen To You – “Doctor Sbaitso was meant to be the player’s “psychiatrist,” able to converse to-and-fro both with onscreen text and a horrendously off-kilter voice coming through the speakers.”

:flash: How to Make Your Sound Sing with Vocoders – vocoder howto with links.

:flash: How to: Build a cheap hardware speaking/singing machine – and another fine vocoder howto for a cheap un.


:flash: Shrook is now freeware – the finest rss reader for osX is now freeware, but…

:flash: requires a subscription from May 15 – i guess the serverload got to be too much. makes sense somehow. yet has been down all the time, what now?

:flash: LIVE: TO PLAY AND TO CREATE IS – digimag has a nice roundup on the most excellent music software there is, ableton LIVE.

:flash: alexaholic – Alexaholic blends Alexa website traffic graphs with a lightweight ajax-enhanced interface to satisfy hard-core Alexa traffic chart junkies – aka Alexaholics. [via kus]

poetic politix

:flash: happy birthday queen somethingrather – whats her name again? and i know her b’day was last week.

:flash: bush reported dead – he looks dead to me.

:flash: missie w. on Chernobyl – “I don’t remember much about my childhood except that I loved reading books under my blanket, that my brother always had the best C64 games and the stupidest haircuts, that my mum cooked the best lasagna on earth, that my dad looked like Don Camillo and that he was the Easter Bunny. You can’t deny it any longer. I’ve seen you hiding chocolate Easter eggs in the garden when I was 5. Yes. However, I do remember spring 1986. I had just turned 7 and it was the last spring before I entered primary school. Near the end of April, something terrible happened in a place east of us, a country I’ve never even heard of before. I remember my mum talking to other mums about whether it was still safe to drink milk and to let the children play outside. I was a child who detested the outside world anyway. I preferred to stay at home and read ghost and witch stories. So when my mum told my brother and me that we should better stay indoors for a while, I was instantly filled with much glee.”

:flash: The Ultimate Fighting Anarchist – “I’m not some sort of conspiracy theorist. I’m not talking about how the government is trying to hide UFOs. I just want to do away with hierarchy. I’m saying that our economic system, capitalism, is structured so that it only benefits a small percentage of very wealthy people. When I was traveling in Brazil, they had us staying at a really posh hotel. Outside the hotel there was a mom sleeping on the sidewalk with her two kids. That’s when reality hits you. What did that woman ever do? Who did she ever hurt?”


:flash: NomenEstOmen wiki – i started a list in my wiki of people with clashing name/jobs combos in switzerland, lang:de. the page can’t be edited atm, but please feel free to submit names using my contact form.

:flash: Podcasts von Schweizer Radio DRS – swiss radio drs has added several new podcasts. they are released under a CC-license.

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