no deiss – i don’t give a deiss

personal: yesterday i almost pulled a deiss . i was so fed up that i almost walked out on the whole swiss blog awards mess. the dissing and the bickering simply got to be too frustrating.

but no dice! i don’t give a deiss.

we have been massivly critisised for how we organised this first edition of the swiss blog awards. our shortcomings and flaws have been very much in the center of the attention. one guy went as far as writing an open letter to our sponsors asking them to retire reconsider their support.

of course this did not leave me indifferent, self-piting mess that i am.

but then i had a good think and realised that for me personally i am still convinced of the formula that we came up with for this 1. edition of sbaw; i am positive that it could have worked exactly the way we designed it. fact is, it did not work – or to be more precise, it worked, but only in one part of our country – and as a result we do not have any blogs from romandie nominated.

we had and have valid reasons for organising the awards exactly the way we did. we wanted the swiss blog awards to be community driven, bottom up, uncomplicated; it was to be an award for bloggers organised by bloggers, promoted and carried by bloggers. after all this is how many online projects succeed, or don’t they? think of the memes, the hypes, peer-2-peer, virals. internet projects work by word-of-mouth. i mean, did you have to convince anyone to pro-actively register their blog @ technorati? did you have to force anyone to join flickr?

some of the frustrated, underrepresented bloggers now demand quotas for minorities. it is one possibility. we had even discussed this option. but i often think of quotas as institutionalised victim mentality. i am aware, that this is not a very politically correct thing to say. but aren’t bloggers generally speaking very good at getting their voices heard, at networking and spreading the word? so is it not strange that these self-motivated self-publication-systems and pr-machines now demand a quota for minorities? i think it is. but we shall see…

we always said, that we will evaluate all this afterwards in order to improve things and to find the best possible formula for such an award in our linguistically complicated country [i almost said challenged lol! switzerland is a linguistically-challenged country!].

disclaimer: even though i am one of the organisers of the swiss blog awards the opinions voiced here are my personal viewpoints and have nothing to do with the viewpoints of the organising comitee.

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