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swiss blogs

:flash: swiss blog awards: and the winners are …, best swiss blog, omg tears – pendlerblog, rookie, can i keep the video? – scanblog, special price: multimedia, sorry the platinum espresso cup broke, but i am sure it will scan nicely.

:flash: la souris d’or 2006: nominees – interesting choice of a date and time [5.5.2006 19:36] to communicate the nominees for the other swiss blog award; but hey, there are some great blogs on that list. can jurys work after all? how about both/and for sbaw next year, a public and a jury price?

:flash: launched during sbaw – and we almost missed the countdown. blog rating tool with a promising localisation feature. not a swiss blog project per se, but launched by swiss bloggers at any rate.

:flash: bunkers mentality – nothing to do with swiss blogs, yet still quite symbolic: Leo Fabrizio documents bunkers in switzerland; yes, we have a few … errr thousand. [via wmmno]


:flash: thank stephen colbert – this guy deserves a huge thank you for the ballsy speech he held at the White House Correspondents Dinner. links to videos are also found on this page. related: Jon Stewart Defends Colbert’s Dinner Speech.

:flash: neil young: living with war – the whole album streamed. damn strong.

:flash: greetings from tenerife – sis is trying to fix that balcony during his vacation on tenerife. good luck chappie.


:flash: ponyfish feed builder – creates feeds for websites that don’t have RSS. or at least it is supposed to do that. i tried it with, to no avail.

:flash: remix the internationale – Remixers of the world, unite! i am really looking forward to the results of this remix contest of the Maxx Klaxon song “Internationale 2000” based on the internationale. soon on a podcast near you.

:flash: magnetic poetry program – multi-user fridge magnet game

:flash: flashmob recreates banned xbox 360 commercial – bang! remember flashmobs? with great ideas even that overhyped idea makes sense. [via waxy]

:flash: Hollywood’s Take on the Internet Often Favors Fun Over Facts – “teen horror movie “Cry_Wolf” (2005), where a group of prep school students spreads rumors about a serial killer through a mass-forwarded email. A real-life murderer sends threatening instant messages under the screen name “Wolf” and stalks one victim through a forest by dialing her cellphone and homing in on the ringing (a lesson to those who don’t use the “vibrate” option).”

:flash: douglas rushkoff: Faith = Illness. Why I’ve had it with religious tolerance. – “I think it’s time to get serious about the role God plays in human affairs, and evaluate whether it’s appropriate to let everyone in on the bad news: God doesn’t exist, never did, and the closest thing we’ll ever see to God will emerge from our own collective efforts at making meaning.” there! rushkoff is also speaking about his comic book:

:flash: TESTAMENT With Jonathan Ellis & Douglas Rushkoff – and i think he finally convinced me that i must read it. eventho i don’t care much for the artwork.

:flash: YouTube sees user rebellion – “Recent changes in the website are turning longtime fans against the video service.”

:flash: Spotlight falls on family killings after murder of Swiss skier Corinne Rey-Bellet – “In the aftermath of the Rey-Bellet tragedy various theories have been doing the rounds. Experts interviewed by a media desperately scrabbling for answers have pointed to fragmenting social networks and changing family roles in Switzerland’s traditionally male-dominated society as being partly to blame.”

:flash: nouvo: Pour une poignée de bits – this nouvo report offers a nice introduction to the demo scene and is talking about the scene awards and breakpoint 2006. [en francais]

[please excuse, i really screwed up my vias this week. i might have been slightly busy this last week]

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