come on … get real !!!

you buy a pair of levi’s type 1 jeans, they give you a free cd with the music from the commercial on it – including a *uuhhh* dj-remix.
is what i wear on my butt a statement about my taste in music then?

the new gameboy looks like a rather stylish handheld computer for yuppies designed by sony or apple.
is the “nintendo generation” getting older?

in their new commercials mc donalds switzerland sells swiss [???] burgers to tourists.
is the burger a swiss invention after all, just like ricola?

mc donalds signs a deal with max havelaar fairtrade products for their coffee.
is mc donalds finally trying to get pc [politically correct], long after being pc has gone completly out of fashion?

aids kampagne switzerland retires their newest campaign containing critical refrences to rome, after the vatican protests. the authors of the campaign – some pr-crew from zureich kreis 5 – slaps their thighs and screams “bingo”!
is pissing off the pope gonna stop aids from spreading?

real madrid wants to buy beckham from manchester utd., because recent research showed, that in japan 90% of randomly picked people in the streets recognise his picture.
is selling 200’000 ronaldo shirts in 10 days after signing him for this season not quite enough to take care of the debt then?

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