sbaw: pendlerblog bekennervideo

this is the video that the winners of the 1. swiss blog awards in the category rookie (pendlerblog) presented in biel this last friday. they had decided to remain anonymous and sent this video instead. please do not missinterpret the fact, that i post it here.
personally i did not even vote for pendlerblog. but the video is great. i just love it, great video, great mediahack.

elsewhere there is quite some controversy going on. people seem to wonder, if it was fair to allow pendlerblog to stay anonymous. and if the video did not represent an unfair advantage. maybe yes, but if the video would have been crap, this advantage would not have existed. so the advantage was also due to the quality of the video. respect. and of course we must allow bloggers to keep their anonymity. that is their right.

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